Arts & Culture Programs

Sociedad Latina enriches th quality of life for Latino youth and families by providing them with opportunities to explore the arts adn celebrate the cultures of their origin. Arts programming provides youth with a rare opportunity to self-express, articulate frustrations and fears, and dream of alternatives in a society that discounts youth input and leaves many young people of color at a disadvantage. Participation in arts activities builds academic achievement, creativity, fluency, and originality in thinking, while increasing self-efficacy and -awareness. The arts provide outlets for youth to try new methods of interaction in a safe space, as they work to buck trends of poverty, illness, and lack of opportunity in our community.

Highly creative youth have more consistent school attendance, higher academic achievement, and are more likely to give back to their community. Schools integrating the arts into curriculum requirements as part of a comprehensive education reform strategy have documented poistive changes in the school environment and improved student performance. The majority of people living in the United States believe arts is essential to a well-rounded education, though only four elementanry schools and two middle schools achieved the best practice benchmark of twice-weekly, year-long arts instruction for their students in 2009. Sociedad Latina arts and cultural programs accomodate various skills and interests, while fostering lifelong appreciation of and engagement in the arts.

Our Solution

Music Clubhouse - listen to the most recent MCH CD here!

Pathways to music mastery for youth ages 8-18

Viva La Cultura!

Community arts programming in music, media/visual arts, dance and more