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Youth Spotlight: Clemens Castellanos

Clemens Castellanos, an 8th grader at Timilty Middle School, is a STEAM Team participant. In STEAM Team, Clemens often takes initiative—he always offers to help set up the classroom, carry materials, and asks for help when he needs it. He has also taken on a leadership role among his peers by assisting staff with setting classroom norms and following routines.

At STEAM Team, Clemens’ favorite enrichment club is Robotics because he likes building robots that are sturdy and can go over different obstacles. Last year, he took part in the Meadowscaping enrichment club, where he learned about local biodiversity and helped plant a meadow of local plants at Sociedad Latina’s community garden.

Clemens is also very interested in becoming a fireman when he grows up. When someone from the Boston Fire Department came to visit STEAM Team to talk about career pathways in public service, he told the youth that they can apply for an internship with the fire department by writing an essay about a time they helped someone. Clemens applied and was selected to become an intern at a local fire station this past summer. He thoroughly enjoyed this experience, and his mom told us he has been enthusiastically implementing fire safety tips around the house all summer.