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Information Request Policy

On a daily basis, Sociedad Latina receives multiple requests for interviews and information about our work. Unfortunately, with limited staff and resources--and a commitment to devoting those resources directly to the youth and community we serve--we will not be able to respond to every request for information.

We will consider requests from students, researchers, potential partners and others, who are willing to commit volunteer hours to Sociedad Latina in exchange for information or other resources from staff. This policy was developed with the goal of ensuring that staff time spent working on outside requests is still aligned with our mission. 

Volunteer Exchange

If you are in the Boston area, we ask that you contact Sociedad Latina to discuss your request for information and available volunteer opportunities. The number of volunteer hours required will depend on the scope of your request, but will be no less than 4 (may be more for more extensive projects). Please give us at least two weeks' notice to arrange volunteer opportunities and fulfill information requests.

Community Presentation

If you are gathering information for a research project or other initiative, we ask that you share your work with us through a presentation to the youth and families in our community.

If you would like to pursue your request for information, please submit an email here.

If you are unable to commit to the volunteer exchange and community presentation, we welcome you to use our website as a resource.