Celebrating 50 Years of Empowering Young Leaders

Sociedad Latina creates a world in which Latino youth see themselves as changemakers. It starts with a space where arts and culture is combined with education and leadership; where Latino youth are supported to become the leaders of tomorrow. For five decades, that space has been Sociedad Latina. Help us inspire another 50 years of Latino youth leadership.

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Sociedad Latina

Creating the Next Generation of Latino Leaders

Since 1968, Sociedad Latina has been working in partnership with Latino youth and families to end the destructive cycle of poverty, inequality to access of health services, and lack of educational and professional opportunities in our community. Through our Pathways to Success model, we take the initiative by introducing new and innovative solutions to the most critical problems facing young Latinos today. Our approach celebrates our diverse Latino heritages and enables young people to forge identities with deep roots in Latin culture. Our model supports the positive youth development from 11 to 21 years of age, creating a community that values young people and enables them to be the defenders of their rights and those of their community.

Each year, Sociedad Latina serves 5,000 young people and adults. A thousand of these young people participate intensively with Sociedad Latina through our integral and coordinated daily programming, which is designed to train them in four key areas that meet the needs and interests of the community: Education, Workforce Development, Civic Engagement, and Arts and Culture. Programs promote long-term participation, positive interactions with adults, and cultural pride. We recognize that giving youth an extensive support network enables them to develop as confident, competent, self-sustaining, and proud young adults.


Sociedad Latina's mission is to create the next generation of Latino leaders who are confident, competent, self-sustaining and proud of their cultural heritage.

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Viva Nuestra Cultura 

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Through Pathways to Success, we connect youth to ten years of intensive, free year-round programming that uses culturally and linguistically responsive practices to capitalize on our young people's strengths and assets, such as bilingualism, high-aspirations, resiliency, and strong family and community ties. Our approach works in collaboration with families and a wide network of cross-sector partnerships to build young people’s skills and knowledge in the following areas:

Education: Supports youth and their families on the journey from middle school through high school and on to college, with expertise in working with English learners.

Civic Engagement: Elevates grassroots Latino leadership on issues affecting youth lives and opportunities, such as education reform, health inequity, and community building.

Workforce Development: Prepares youth for careers in robust fields where Latinos are underrepresented, including healthcare, public service, the arts, STEM, and entrepreneurship.

Arts & Culture: Offers high-quality opportunities to create and experience art in a range of artistic disciplines, with a focus on Latino cultural traditions.


Through educational, cultural, social-emotional, and professional supports rooted in the community, Sociedad Latina empowers youth to succeed in school, build critical 21st- century and workforce development skills, take pride in their culture, and engage in their community. With our Pathways model, youth and families grow long-term relationships with staff who consistently hold them to high standards and connect them with needed support services, both within Sociedad Latina and through our wide referral network.



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