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Board of Directors 

Marta Rivera, President
A Mission Hill resident, Marta is a consultant for nonprofit management and program development. Marta has prior experience working with local youth and families as the Director of Capacity Building and Community Partnerships with the Boston Centers for Youth and Families. She is also the coordinator of the Mission Hill Youth Collaborative and Greater Boston Latino Network. Marta joined the Board in 2003.




Patricia Flaherty
Patricia is the Executive Director at the Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services. She lives and works in Mission Hill, advocating for positive community development that benefits low income and working class families in the neighborhood. Pat was recently honored for her tireless efforts by Boston’s Neighborhood Fellows program. She joined the Board in 2005.





Jaime Lopez
Jaime is a former Sociedad Latina Youth Leader and program assistant. He earned his undergraduate degree in Finance, Accounting, and Management from Northeastern University and is pursuing an M.B.A. with a concentration in International Business from Suffolk University. He currently works as an Office Manager at the Barr Foundation since 2008, where he supports the day-to-day activities of the Foundation, as well as operations-related projects. Jaime joined the Board in 2012.



Cecilia Mendez, Clerk
Cecilia is the Director of the Center for Art and Community Partnerships at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  The Center works to cultivate innovative, sustainable relationships with the broader community to explore and expand the relevance of art in public life.  Her work and passion has always been at the intersection of art, culture, education, and community, and she has worked in or with community arts organizations, galleries, and schools throughout Massachusetts and beyond. Cecilia joined the Board of Directors in 2011.



John Smith

John holds a Master in Public Policy from Tufts University and is the Policy Analyst for the Office of Economic Development for the City of Boston. He previously served as the Enforcement and Compliance Manager at the Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston. John joined the Board of Directors in 2014.







Noel Torres
Noel is the Coordinator for the Curtis Hall Community Center in Jamaica Plain. He brings an expertise in developing and implementing programs that effect positive change among youth and communities. Noel has served on the Board of Directors since 2005.






Yorling Valdez
Yorling is a former Sociedad Latina Youth Leader and a young entrepreneur working to strengthen community involvement in the arts. He joined the Board in 2014.


Freddie Velez, Treasurer
Freddie is the Assistant Deputy Director at Youth Options Unlimited Boston, a workforce development program primarily working with court-involved youth.  Freddie has served on the Board of Directors since 2005 as the Board Treasurer.