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Since 1968, Sociedad Latina has worked in partnership with Latino youth and families to end destructive cycles of poverty, health inequities, and lack of educational and professional opportunities in our community. Through our Pathways to Success model we pioneer new and innovative solutions to the most pressing issues facing Latino youth today, supporting positive youth development from age 11-21, creating a community that supports young people, and training all youth to advocate for themselves and their communities.

Each year, Sociedad Latina serves more than 4,000 youth and adults. One thousand of those youth age 11-21 engage intensively with Sociedad Latina through our comprehensive array of programming designed to build skills in four areas, identified by our constituents as those most in need of support: Education, Workforce Development, Civic Engagement, and Arts & Culture. Programs promote long-term engagement and positive relationships with adults, providing youth at-risk with a vast network of support that enables them to grow into confident, competent, successful and self-sustaining adults.