Workforce Development Programs

Sociedad Latina’s Workforce Development Programs provide intensive skills training, career exploration, and job readiness opportunities to Latino youth, empowering them to overcome destructive cycles of poverty and experience future success in the workforce. Paid internships in three fields provide youth with meaningful, hands-on work experience, while weekly workshops, career panels and job shadowing opportunities provide in-depth workforce development training and career exploration for youth. As a requirement for employment, youth must also enroll in our Mission Possible! College Access Program, to ensure academic requirements are met and youth stay on track to graduation.

In 2006, Latinos made up 13.7% of the American workforce, a percentage that is expected to grow rapidly in the next decade as 16 million Latino children grow into tomorrow’s workers. Historically, Latinos have been overrepresented in low-earning and often hazardous industries, such as farming, fishing, forestry, construction, cleaning and food service. These jobs reflect lack of opportunity resulting in low levels of education and training among Latinos. Career success is not easy for young Latinos, who often face multiple barriers to success including low-quality schools, family responsibilities, and language barriers.

In 2009,
89% of Latino youth ages 16-25 reported “career success” is very important to their lives
8 in 10 said success in life is the reward of hard work
30% of Latinos ages 16-19 were unemployed
17% of Latinos ages 20-24 were unemployed
74% of Latinos who cut their education short said it was because they needed to work to support their families
58,131 youth jobs were lost in Massachusetts between 2000 and 2009

Our Solution

Workforce Development is integrated in all of our programs, beginning in grade 6, through the STEAM Team program. As 9th graders, youth can apply for paid internships in one of our three Workforce Development Programs, engaging in meaningful work experiences and learning essential job readiness skills such as workplace etiquette, time management, effective communication and resume-writing. Youth can apply to work in one of the following programs:

Youth Community Organizing

Training and Internships in Community Organzing

Health Educators in Action

                                      Training and Internships in Health Education and Advocacy

Music Clubhouse

Training and Internships in Music and Media Arts

Health Careers for Youth

Training and Internships in Healthcare