Class of 2017 Celebration Recap



Class of 2017

On May 11th, Sociedad Latina’s youth, families, partners, volunteers and community supporters came together for our favorite event of the year – the Class of 2017 Celebration! Each year at Sociedad Latina, we celebrate the graduation of our 8th graders and high school seniors who are finishing one important step and moving on to the next one. We also welcome back our Alumni who have become community leaders and role models for younger youth.

Will Morales, BCYF Commissioner, addressed the graduates and encouraged them to strive for success no matter what adversity they may face. He shared his story of how violence, poverty and loss could have defined his future, but he decided to break from that cycle, get an education, and work to make his community better.

Alex Oliver-Dávila, our Executive Director, also addressed the audience:

Sociedad Latina is very proud and inspired by our 8th graders, high school seniors, and Alumni college graduates who have shown resiliency, compassion, leadership, and humility (as well as many other qualities) over these past few years. Every one of our graduates is truly a Latino leader in our community. We are excited to see you grow and the incredible success that awaits you.
— Alex Oliver-Dávila, Executive Director

Sociedad Latina also awarded the third annual Aurea E. Beltrán Memorial Scholarship to Fatima I. and Leandro T., two youth who have shown exceptional dedication to Sociedad Latina and their communities.

Finally, Alumni Engel R. shared his words of wisdom and advice for younger youth as they embark on their next steps towards high school, college or a career:

I want all graduates to follow their dreams and, no matter how bad things might get, find the positive side and use that to move forward. We Latinos have distinctive strengths: we know how to speak two languages and, because we come from another culture, we are able to view and appreciate things in a different way. I am proud of who I am, where I come from and what I have accomplished; and being a Latino is part of that.
— Alumni Engel R.

Puedes leer sobre nuestra celebración en español en el artículo de El Planeta aquí

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