Youth Leader Interview with Edgar

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Edgar, 18, grew up in Boston in a Dominican family with strong ties to the community. Four years ago, Edgar was invited to Sociedad Latina by one of his sisters who was a Youth Leader at the time.

He has been a part of this family ever since as a Youth Leader in the Health Educators en Acción program. This year, he joined our Jóvenes Latinos Pro Salud (Health Careers for Youth) program and was able to complete a capstone internship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

When asked about his experience, Edgar expressed that coming to Sociedad Latina allowed him to “prepare for the future and stay focused on what my goals are. I learned that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to.” He also explained that “there’s always something new going on, something new to learn, someone new to meet. It’s a great experience. You may encounter bumps in the road, but everybody here always helps you and gives their extra time to support you with your homework or anything else you might need help with.”

Edgar recently graduated from Brighton High School. His top choice for college was Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT) because he has always been interested in architecture and knows that their program is one of the best. With the support of his ALAS coach, Edgar applied for and was accepted to WIT’s architecture program and received a substantial financial aid and scholarship package. And after excelling in his internship, he was also offered a permanent position at Beth Israel that will allow him to work part-time to pay for school. He later wishes to get a Master’s degree, as well.

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