Community Garden brought to YOU

Here at Sociedad Latina, our Health Educators have been hard at work educating their peers and community residents about food justice. This project came about from community feedback shedding light on the lack of food accessibility and bilingual nutrition education programs in the Mission Hill/Roxbury community.

In partnership with the Tobin Community Center, our Health Educators have been revitalizing the Tobin Community Garden, as one solution to increase the amount of healthier accessible food options. At the Tobin Community Garden, community residents in Mission Hill/Roxbury have the opportunity to select a plot and grow vegetables of their choice. Throughout the spring, our Health Educators have been creating transplant starters for vegetables that cannot be planted directly into the soil. Some of these vegetables include scallions, collard greens, tomatoes, eggplant, brussel sprouts, spinach, and more! They have also been keeping up with the maintenance of the garden by raking, weeding, setting up garden beds, and adding new compost regularly.

Our Health Educators are expanding this work throughout the summer by holding a series of peer-to-peer workshops to educate and empower young people in the community to make positives changes that allow for greater access to healthy foods. They hope to inspire the community and help them better understand the importance of gardening and sustainability. 

If you are interested in owning a plot in the Tobin Community Garden, contact the lovely, Emily Lewis at

Tiffany Yancey