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Our Model


Sociedad Latina’s Pathways to Success Model is an array of comprehensive programs, strategically aligned to engage youth throughout their development, from age 11-21. Our model provides youth with multiple pathways that will lead them to successful futures, with the acknowledgement that all youth will not take the same path. Sociedad Latina supports youth as they navigate the turbulence of adolescence and find their way to long-term success as adults in higher education, in careers, and in their communities.

While maintaining a focus on intensive academic assistance, the Pathways to Success Model provides youth with a variety of other opportunities to engage in interactive learning and connect with the community and culture. Daily programming integrates civic engagement, 21st century skill building, college and career exploration, and cultural exploration to ensure youth have well rounded interests and skill sets that will facilitate success no matter which path they choose. High school youth work in one of our four Workforce Development programs, receiving a stipend for their work and gaining critical hard and soft work readiness skills.

Latinos face a unique set of challenges including language barriers, immigration status, family mobility, poverty and low-performing schools. With more than 40 years of experience working with the Latino community, Sociedad Latina is well-prepared to address these challenges. Our programs are research-based and data-driven. And year after year, we celebrate the successes of the youth as they graduate from high school, enter college, receive job offers and grow into competent, confident, self-sufficient adults who will lead positive change in their community.

Pathways programs are designed to build skills in four areas: Education, Workforce Development, Civic Engagement, and Arts & Culture. Our research-based programs were developed based on community assessments in which our constituents told us which services Latino youth in our community needed most.

Through educational, cultural, social, emotional and professional supports rooted in the community, Sociedad Latina empowers youth to succeed at school, build critical 21st century and workforce development skills, take pride in their culture, and engage in their community. Youth and families in the Pathways grow long-term relationships with staff who consistently hold youth to high standards and connect them with needed support services, whether within Sociedad Latina or through our wide referral network.