It's AmeriCorps Week! Celebrating our Highland Street AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring

“As an AmeriCorps member, I have learned to be patient with yourself and your growth because you will be thrown a lot of curveballs and it is important to be mindful of the small victories.”


Kim Rios joined Sociedad Latina this August as our Highland Street AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring (AOM). In her role, she oversees our Mentores en Acción program, working to create meaningful, impacting mentoring relationships and opportunities for our young people.

Kim has contributed to Sociedad Latina’s community in various ways, including supporting with our afterschool academic counseling and tutoring program, volunteer management committee, and college & career pathways programming. She credits Sociedad Latina’s frequent professional development opportunities and monthly AmeriCorps AOM program days for building key skills in helping her achieve success in the workforce, such as flexibility and team building.

“I have learned that you just have to embrace whatever comes your way. This has been made easier because of the staff at Sociedad Latina and how we are all learning together. I have made great friends at Sociedad Latina and have become apart of the community.”


Kim took a lead role this year in Mass Mentoring Partnership’s 2019 Youth Mentoring Day at the Massachusetts State House. She was the team lead for audience engagement and facilitated an activity for over 500 people. She appreciated this experience because it taught her about what goes into making an event successful. Kim also has had a significant role in the program planning for Mentores en Accion next year, speaking on behalf of the program and creating new initiatives to ensure the long-term success of our program.

She attributes these moments with helping her break our of her comfort zone and advocating for herself professionally.

“Through this role, I have learned how important is is for me to advocate for myself and my professional needs. I have gained self-advocacy and self-efficacy skills, and I am learning how to speak up for myself and what I need.”

Maria Grande